CEO  GETV NETWORK Gospel Entertainment Television
Gregory M Kelly, Producer, Grammy Award winning songwriter and accomplished musician. Writer and Musician for Hezekiah Walker's Love Fellowship Church Choir, Musical director for Vy Higginsen’s sensational gospel musical Mama I Want To Sing; Music Master for Vy Higginsen’s Gospel For Teens Program; and co-founder/musical producer and director for the world acclaimed European touring company The Best of Black Gospel.

Gregory has been a force in the music industry for many years. His ability to compose, produce, arrange, and teach intricate choral arrangements as well as vocal techniques has taken his career literally “around the world!” Touring with musicals, concerts, gospel review shows as well as doing gospel workshops in Europe as well as in America; reaching the world with the sound and the message of Gospel Music.

He has been musical director for several off Broadway gospel musicals including Mama I Want to Sing, Loving Him Is Kill…